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  • Philipp - ...macht Lust auf mehr!!!

    Nachdem ich "Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles" förmlich verschlungen habe - vorzugsweise im co-op modus - war ich umso gieriger auf den Nachfolger "Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles". Und meine Vorfreude war ab der 1sten Spielminute gerechtfertigt - denn das Spiel ist einfach Klasse!

  • Erin Barham - Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Harem Girlhood

    This was a great, easy reading book that many people could really use as a tool for learning about a different culture. In this book, Fatima tells us about her life as a child growing up in a Harem, and the trials and tribulations that go along with that. Throughout the story, one of the major themes that is asked over and over is what is a Harem? Is it a place with four walls like the Harem she lived in? Or is it like her grandmother's Harem which is out in the country with no walls, only open fields. Fatima's mother's role is crutial in this book because her mother is so against everything that has to do with the Harem. She wants her two daughters to grow up and have every opportunity they can in life, unlike the lack of opportinities her mother had. To do this, Fatima's mother dresses the girls in western style dress with frills and lace. Fatima's father does not seem to say much when his wife does this, unless it is a holiday, then the girls are expected to be in traditional attire. The book itself was great and I would highly recomend it! The details Fatima Marnissi uses in describing the women's lives is fantastic, as is her point of view that this is being told by a child. Any age that is studying this area, or time period in history would enjoy this book as did I!